Mount Dora Confectionary

Mount Dora Confectionary is thirty minutes northwest of Orlando, Florida located in the heart of the historic downtown Mount Dora.  Mount Dora Confectionary has been serving the finest candy, chocolate, gelato and soft serve ice cream since 2010.  If you’re having a sweet craving or just want to treat your kids and yourself to something special, stop by and indulge into our wide selection of sweets while satisfying your craving.  We have the greatest selection of gourmet candy, jelly beans, dark chocolate, white chocolate, milk chocolate, sugar-free chocolate and the largest selection of gelato and soft service ice cream flavors to choose from.  Come on by and experience what a piece of sweet heaven feels like!


For the last 7 years, Mount Dora Confectionary has been servicing their customers in the heart of the charming and historic downtown Mount Dora area.  We give thanks to all of our customers that have shared their experience in Trip Advisor.  We are very grateful for all of our local customers and tourist that have shared their wonderful experience with us and the community.

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