Mount Dora Confectionary

Mount Dora Confectionary is thirty minutes northwest of Orlando, Florida located in the heart of the historic downtown Mount Dora.  Mount Dora Confectionary has been serving the finest candy, chocolate, gelato and soft serve ice cream since 2010.  If you’re having a sweet craving or just want to treat your kids and yourself to something special, stop by and indulge into our wide selection of sweets while satisfying your craving.  We have the greatest selection of gourmet candy, jelly beans, dark chocolate, white chocolate, milk chocolate, sugar-free chocolate and the largest selection of gelato and soft service ice cream flavors to choose from.  Come on by and experience what a piece of sweet heaven feels like!

1980's Decade Candy Box


1980's Decade Candy Box



MTV and video games were keeping kids attention but this 1980's Decade Candy Box holds the sweets that we all loved to eat back in that decade. The 80's were known for fun and colorful clothes, candy, and more. Each and every piece of this retro candy gift box will put a smile on your face as you are reminded of those carefree childhoods and teen years. Order yours today!


  • 6 Count
  • 8 Ounces
  • Includes: Atomic Fireball, Bubble Tape, Caramel Piece, Flavored Tootsie Rolls, Jawbreaker, Laffy Taffy, Licorice Stick, Pixy Stix, Ring Pop, Runts, Smarties, Starburst, Sweetarts and Tootsie Rolls.
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